A new wide-model ski boots designed based on Power-MAX Medium Last has arrived. The ski boots for all-around sports skiers seeking a more comfortable ski life.
The SEMI AUTO FIT is designed that automatically corresponds to the foot width of the shell. The shell expands naturally up to the foot width of 4 mm (in the case of 260).
In general, the overall wide ski boots are not comfortable from poor operating performance. This new wide last has the right hold performance with an emphasis on skiing. In addition, not only is the foot wide, but also a margin is set at the toe box to less tightness of the toes. Furthermore, we have succeeded in reducing the weight by optimizing the shell thickness.

15% lighter shell than Power-Max

By reviewing the shell thickness design and making the optimum design with the widening of the shell last, the weight of the shell has been reduced by 15% compared to Power-MAX.

Wide last with comfortable toebox

Along with wider foot width, allowance is set for the base of the little finger and the tip of the thumb tip. Increased stability by expanding the arch and heels.


Adopts a FLEX POINT rib structure inside the shell. This automatically expands the shell for wide foot widths and automatically adjusts the foot width to fit the skier’s feet. SEMI AUTO FIT has fewer FLEX POINTS than AUTO FIT design, so there is less adjustment range for narrower foot widths.
Power-MAX-WIDE is SEMI AUTO FIT 101. It’s supports foot width from 100mm to 105mm.
REAL is SEMI AUTO FIT 100. It’s supports foot width from 100mm to 104mm.

Y-cut Shell

Y-cut structure of the lower shell overlap part makes it easy to open the shell. Easy entry design for quick wearing.

Comfortable and high performance inherited from PowerMAX

Low Cut Cuff

Designed to keep the height of ski boots low. Reduces the burden on the body and realizes comfortable ski operation.
Compared to the R-EVO line of continuation type, the height of the back is 10 mm lower (in the case of 260). It is a setting that makes it easier to take a ski skiing position with less pressure on the calf.

Flexible Bottom Structure

Rib structure on the bottom of the shell. Appropriate flexibility is set in the bending direction and twisting direction. This bottom structure has both fine of carving and ease of skidding.

Bottom Protector

Equipped with protectors at the tip and heel for protecting the shell from wear. It is made of urethane and has excellent wear resistance. If it is worn out, it can be replaced with an optional part.