REXXAM new concept ski boots <R-EVO>

The fusion of the last design and the shell design based on a new idea makes easily to bend control the skis and boost into the turn with the stored power from it. Realizes smart ski control performance.
In addition, a unique shell design that automatically adapts to various foot types reduces the burden on the foot and provides unprecedented comfort for all skiers.
Furthermore, while being a high-end model, it has succeeded in reducing the weight by 17% compared to the previous model, and by adopting a double V-cut shell with a new mechanism, it has also made it easier to step in.
This new concept of REXXAM ski boots has been named R-EVO / REXXAM EVOLUTION.

1.POSITIONThe last design that reproduces the ideal foot position.

Normally, the shape of the foot of a human differs greatly between a loaded state and a non-loaded state.
For example, the calcaneus tends to tilt when weight is applied, and the talus, tibia, and the calf bone that ride on them are tilted. As a result, the kneeling direction will flow inward.
However, when the load is not applied to the foot, for example, when the foot is suspended in the air, the calcaneus is vertical, the talus is also horizontal, and the tibia and the calf bone straight and ideal for the foot.
R-EVO POSITION reproduces the ideal state of this foot in ski boots by the last design. The last design naturally guides the calcaneus that form the foundation of the foot in the vertical direction.
In the ski rotation operation, the twisting movement of the tibia and the calf bone is linked with the movement of the calcaneus. Since the knees face smoothly in the direction of the ski, you can freely control the sliding operation.
In addition, the R-EVO POSITION also guides the navicular adjacent to the talus to the ideal position. The shape of the instep part is maintained even when tilted forward, and the position can be kept in a more relaxed state.


  • Knee is easy to enter straight.
  • Easy to rotate skis.
  • Less stress on the feet.

2.LINK FRAMEThe Shell frame design for absorbs vibration and smooth skiing.

When skiing, force is applied to the ski boots from front and back, top and bottom, left and right. The front / center / rear sections are optimally designed according to the thickness and shape of the lower frame. The suspension function is controlled by the shell frame.
The skis bend in a beautiful arch by linking the sections of the lower frame to each other. The response generated by releasing the trumpet drives the skis and achieves smooth skiing.

FRONT section

Designed with emphasis on snow surface detection and contact.
It has strong strength in both bending and twisting directions and absorbs vibration moderately.

CENTER section

Designed with an emphasis on vibration absorption.
By adjusting the sole, bottom rise and frame thickness design, vibration is properly absorbed and the suspension function is fully utilized. Due to the appropriate rigidity in the bending direction, the sole is easy to clean.

REAR section

Designed for cutting and power.
It has strong strength in both bending and twisting directions, and accurately transmits power.


The design line born from precise structural design is engraved in the shell frame. ENERGY GROOVE LINE is a shell frame molding line that is an external feature of R-EVO.
It is a functional design born from the wall thickness design to achieve frame performance suitable for each section. The vibration absorption performance is improved from the front to the center, and the power is transmitted in the rear section.
By adjusting the position, shape, and depth of the molding line, optimal vibration absorption performance and power transmission performance are controlled for each section.


A dent that enhances vibration absorption performance is set on the side of the sole. By adjusting the position, shape, and depth of the recess, the optimal vibration absorption performance is controlled for each section.


  • Easy to flex ski.
  • Turn operations can be performed smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Vibration absorption structure from the front to the center realizes smooth skiing Easy to control even in ice-burn and bad snow.
  • Easy to skid ski when needed.

3.AUTO FITAutomatically adjust the width according to the skier’s foot.


Designed with multiple flex points on the shell frame due to the shell thickness design. A flex point with a thin part of the shell is used as a fulcrum, making it easy to bend like a joint.
The shell automatically expands for a wide foot width, and the buckle can be tightened while maintaining the shape of the instep. The foot width is automatically adjusted to suit the skier’s feet.
In addition, even for highly rigid models with large flex numbers, multi-flex points enable smooth entrainment.


  • Even if the buckle is tightened, the upper part does not become tight.
  • Both the strength of the shell frame and ease of tightening.

AUTO FIT SLIM / 150S, 130S : 92-95mm
AUTO FIT SLIM / 120S, 110S, 100S, 90S : 92-96mm
AUTO FIT MEDIUM /150M, 130M : 96-100mm
AUTO FIT MEDIUM / 120M, 110M, 100M : 96-102mm

Other points of interest!!



A double V-cut shell that makes it easy to open the shell in the overlapping part of the shell.
In addition to the V-cut at the top of the overlap, a double V-cut structure combines a shallow V-cut at the bottom. It is a kind design that provides unprecedented ease of attachment and detachment to women and elderly people who are weak to open the shell.


The shell is 17% lighter than Power-Rex.

As a result of optimal design by reviewing the shell wall thickness, the weight of the lower shell has been significantly reduced by 17%. (Compared with our previous model)
The performance as a high-end model is maintained.