New idea for all-round ski boots R-EVO PLUS

A new sense of flexible performance and breaking new standards of the ski boots.


The new lightweight and flexible polyolefin resin cuff makes it easier to lean forward and keeps the position quickly.


A new shell structure = PLUS FRAME that inherits the R-EVO concept ENERGY GROOVE LINE and SCOOP SOLE and adopts FLEXIBLE BOTTOM that appropriately controls the scintillation and deflection of the bottom of the boot. Achieves beautiful ski deflection and easy slide operation.

3.AUTO FIT M 96-103㎜

・More flexible Bottom section than R-EVO M.
・Possible to fit a larger foot width from 96 mm to 103 mm.

NEW BX-S Inner

New last with 5mm extended toe box

・More space in toe box.
・Reduces slippage of inner boots.

L-link system

・L-LINK system that enhances the adhesion between the shell and inner.

Comfortable thermo inner

・Deformation rate of the inner boot pad is 50%.

Add more stitches

・Smooth inner wrapping to improve AUTO FIT functionality.

5mm lower back height than previous model(BX-19S)

・Reduced pressure on the calf.
・Natural upright position reduces stress on the body.

Lightweight Design

12% lighter than R-EVO MComparison R-EVO 110M to R-EVO PLUS 110

▶Lightweight RX-20A buckle 20% lighter than the RX-B buckle.
▶New MC-BLUE power belt with thin, tough and lightweight design.
▶Lightweight polyolefin resin is used for the cuff.