Challenge to more edge angles and more speed limits

Edge angles against the snow seemed to be the limit.
How can we get more edge angle for more speed?
To be responding to skiers’ challenge to “faster, smoother, sharper”


By changing the design to offset the center line of the foot by 1 mm to the outside compared to the 21-22 model, it is possible to prevent excessive edge hold and smoothly bring the speed from the turn maximum to the end.

By making the inside of the shell 1mm thicker, the foot, inner and shell fit better, and the weight can be transmitted more strongly to the outer ski. With this design, it is possible to keep a deeper edge angle in a stable state, and it can withstand high speeds.

AUTO FIT-S 92-95(R-EVO150S、130S)
AUTO FIT-S 92-96(R-EVO120S、110S、100S、90S、XX LIMITED)


New stretch material

▶A stretchy material is used for the toe box, which is designed to allow the fingertips to move freely.

Inner stitch

▶The outer skin of the inner boots is effectively stitched to smooth the inner wrapping and improve the AUTO FIT effect.

Inner lace

▶A shoelace system that can be tightened with the inner boots alone is standard equipment.

L-link system

▶The back and bottom of the inner boots are made of a material with a high anti-slip effect, which improves the adhesion to the shell even during movement.

3.Material: TPU new resin

Improved rigidity and viscosity with the newly developed TPU resin.
-Improved more stability.
-Improved cuff involvement.