New evolution of R-EVO S

SLIM Last strength and sharpness achieved
Strengthen the rigidity of the rising part of the lower frame
  • Increase power transmission
    Get a quick response
  • Competitive tight fit with high heel-to-arch hold

The support range of AUTO FIT SLIM has changed

New last with 5mm extended tip
L-link system
Change back height and back stay's shape
Add more stitches
Tongue pad hardness by 14% up
Review shell hardness
New designed buckle with effective red
20MC-RED Power Belt

New idea for all-round boots R-EVO PLUS

A new sense of flexible performance
Breaking new standards for ski boots

A Lightweight and flexible
New upper shell made of polyolefin resin


Inheriting the R-EVO concept "ENERGY GROOVE LINE" and "SCOOP SOLE".
Flexible bottom that controls torsion and bend in the bottom section of the boot.


More flexible Bottom section than R-EVO M
Possible to fit a larger foot width
From 96 mm to 103 mm

New last with 5mm extended tip
L-link system
Comfortable thermo inner
Add more stitches
5mm lower back height than previous model(BX-19S)
12% lighter than R-EVO M
※Comparison R-EVO 110M to P-EVO PLUS 110


XX-LINE has been reborn with a clearer style
XX-LIMIED: Competition model for mogul players jointly developed with Ikuma Horishima, mogul player who is 2nd in the world ranking
XX-8.0: Easy-to-use entry mogul model
XX-7.0: Park model for experts and beginners
PowerMAX-WIDE: Review of shell hardness + more weight reduction