The motto in product development is "Performance comes first".
The most important priority in the design and development of REXXAM skiboots is to improve the performance as a ski equipment.
In response to changes in ski technology, new performance is also required for ski equipment.
Repeat steady snow tests by top racers and expert skiers. Accumulating various trials and evolving equipments according to technological innovation. That is what we thinks "Performance comes first".

Today, most ski boots are made of plastic.
The plastic part of the ski boot is called the shell, and its production requires a plastic injection mold.
The development and production of ski boots takes a lot of time and money because the molds are prepared for each size.
Many ski bootmakers spend a lot of time creating new molds to develop new products, but there are not many changes to the molds after they are released.
The reason is that any minor modifications need to be made to the mold.
Modifying a mold requires the same effort and cost as creating a new mold.
It is customary for most ski boot manufacturers to choose new molds rather than small partial mold modifications and to announce new products every few years.

REXXAM chose the opposite of the majority of ski bootmakers. It is an upgrade of the existing model by partial mold correction. REXXAM continues to upgrade its molds every year in order to pick up the voices from skiers and shops and users, and mature the existing models.

Increase performance and completeness as ski boots. Aiming for further evolution of ski boots.
It is "Performance comes first" of REXXAM.

A model that marks the epoch in the history of REXXAM skiboots.


In collaboration with university laboratories and cooperating companies, we regularly promote basic research that serves as the foundation for designing ski shoes.
In addition, we analyze information from skiers and ski specialists at various levels including top skiers. Draw the concept of the next ski boot design, and ask the ID designer for a concrete design.

In the past, this design was realized by making models with plaster and design drawings.
REXXAM quickly systematized integrated development design using 3D-CAD. In shell design, 3D modeling and casting technology are used to create prototypes that can be worn. After carefully repeating the function test and performance test, the mold for production is made.
The new development method can proceed in about one third of the schedule compared to the conventional method.


REXXAM ski boots are designed and developed in Japan, and production is commissioned to specialist companies in each field. Final assembly, finishing, and inspection are performed at our own factory.
The ski boots consist of about 100 parts per foot.
For example, the most important part of ski boots is the shell. Shells are injection molded at companies that specialize in molding complex shapes. Buckle commissions a specialist Italian company to manufacture with REXXAM's unique design and specifications. The inner is prototyped with its own material and shape. Based on the specifications, we manufacture it at a specialized company that sews thick materials. In addition, detailed specifications are determined from parts such as power belts and cant systems to fine parts such as rivets and screws. A partner company manufactures it. All these parts are collected in our own factory and assembled as ski boots.

Assembling ski boots is a low-tech task that relies almost entirely on handwork compared to high-tech tasks that use CAD for development. Nonetheless, it is a delicate and subtle thing that the technology cultivated through years of experience affects the ultimate comfort and performance as a ski boot, only for things that actually touch the human foot.
All members of the Sports Division at REXXAM are ski boot craftsmen. Everyone is involved in finishing and inspection, which is the final step in the manufacture of ski boots. Even if each part is manufactured by a global division of labor, the design and specifications are determined and finally assembled by one's own hands. This is why REXXAM ski boots are called MADE in JAPAN.