Expand the lineup from performance models to all-around models

REXXAM skiboots are developed in "Performance Comes First", which pursuit performance skiboots are response to new ski technique. The new performance skiboots PowerREX is for racers and expert skiers.
For the PowerREX designed exclusive upper shell, which is for quickly response and sharp control in high speed. The PowerREX lineup is 2 models of PoweREX-S,and PowerREX-M. PoweREX-S is 95mm last width and PowerREX-M is 98mm last width. It will be possible to according to every racers and expert skiers needs.
The PowerMAX is for comfort skier. With new designed low upper shell use to be in all situation and given not only comfortable but also controllable.

The PowerMAX lineup is 2 lines of PoweMAX, and PowerMAX-Lady. 98mm last width PowerMAX, Lightweight Model PowerMAX-Lady in 95mm last width.
The PowerNEX is designed for all-mountain skier with walk system and 103mm last width. It is not only for backcountry skier but also for the expert skier who want high performance and more comfort boots.
2016 REXXAM skiboots lineup is these 5 lines. With this new models can be respond to request from racers to intermediate levels skiers.

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