Made-in-Japan ski boots aimed for the world

Designed, developed, produced and marketed by the Sports Division of Rexxam Co., Ltd.,
REXXAM Skiboots are authentic Japan-made boots.
The Sports Division was established in 1992 with the aim of producing Japan-made ski boots that allow us to show our pride in workmanship to the world.

The goal that we intend to achieve with REXXAM Skiboots is to produce high-quality, high-performance Japanese ski boots worthy of such world-leading events as the World Cup and Olympic Games.
Our intention is to become a leading manufacturer that can offer high added value by focusing on the development of high-performance ski boots targeting top-end skiers, rather than simply aiming to compete in terms of market share by expanding sales volume.

Anticipating today’s boom in carving-style skiing, REXXAM in 1998 introduced its innovative “A-One Concept” that allows the skier’s foot to be offset inside the boot for a more neutral position.
In 2002, REXXAM achieved its first World Cup victory with Nicole Hosp from Austria wearing “A-One Concept” boots.
At the opening race of the 2005-06 Alpine Ski World Cup, Austria’s Rainer Schoenfelder finished in third place using REXXAM boots with a further-refined “A-One Concept.”
And at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Schoenfelder also became the bronze medallist both for the combined and slalom events.

Thanks to these outstanding achievements, REXXAM’s dreams have gradually been coming to fruition.
REXXAM continues to evolve toward completely achieving its goals with a “performance comes first” policy and a commitment to developing faster and higher-performance ski boots.
This is accomplished through the unceasing pursuit of ever-more advanced performance levels that keep up with developments in skiing techniques.

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